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And How About a Sub-Headline?

Your home page is your most frequently visited page. To make it most effective, promote your main service or product offering here in one or two short paragraphs. A 300 x 300px image of your featured product or service can be featured on the left.

The goal in this “above-the-fold” section is to let visitors know how you can help them solve the immediate problem they’re facing and to urge them to call you, sign up or take a desired action.

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Here’s a Full-Width Page Section

Full-width page sections are great for calling attention to your special offers, calls-to-action, or “request more info” and email opt-in forms. Use Post Snippets to drop the full-width page section code into your page. Then add your own content and style the colors to match your theme. It will really attract attention!

Welcome to Your Sample Home Page

The page content on this website is just for demonstration purposes only. Change it according to your needs. But before you do, browse through the entire site for instructions on completing setup of your WordPress site, tips on formatting and structuring conversion-optimized web pages, and handy resources that will help you build a profitable website.

Use the sample page layouts as a starting point, or start all over from scratch — your call. The Navigation Menu will take you to additional sample pages that are appropriate for most small businesses. To make a backup copy of a sample page before you edit it, use the Duplicate Post feature.

When editing this page in the Page Editor, use the ‘Text’ tab to preserve the formatting markup surrounding the text. The ‘Visual’ tab is a more user-friendly way to edit text, but you may accidentally delete the formatting markup. For this reason, the Always Edit in HTML plugin is being used to disable the Visual editor on this page. You can disable it on a per-page or site-wide basis if you wish.

Featured Services or Products

⎯⎯Featured Brands⎯⎯

List your featured brands’ logos here using a native WordPress gallery like this.

Customize Your Layout, Colors & Typography

This installation of WordPress uses Customify, a mobile-responsive, lightweight, SEO-friendly theme that is extremely customizable right out of the box. Change colors, typography, header and footer layouts, page headers, and your blog and single post layouts easily via the WordPress Customizer.

Customify also works with popular page builders such as Elementor, BeaverBuilder, Divi and more if you require a drag-and-drop website building experience.

Have a look at the Customify documentation to see what’s possible with Customify and to learn how to use it to fully customize your new website.

Step-by-step instructions on completing the setup of your new website can be found in this blog post.

Installed Plugins

In addition to the pre-built pages, this installation of WordPress comes with our recommended set of free plugins that are suited for most small business websites. To view, manage or add new plugins, click on Plugins in the left-hand menu of the WordPress Dashboard.

Please take a moment to learn about each plugin to get a better idea of what it’s for and how it’s used.

A simple, GDPR-compliant email contact form that’s used in your Contact page.

Quickly add dozens of visual components to your site such as columns, image sliders, tabs, accordions and more!

Link to your favorite social media page and profiles with Fontawesome icons.

Easily add customer testimonials to help boost credibility and social proof on your website.

Create shortcodes of content or code “snippets” to display in multiple places across your site. Update once and changes happen site-wide!

Disable the visual editor tab in post and page editors on a per-page basis to preserve your existing HTML markup.

Turn any footer or sidebar widget into a shortcode that can be embedded into your page and post content areas.

Protect your site by using a custom login URL instead of the default /wp-admin login URL.

New to WordPress?

If you’re using WordPress for the very first time or just need a refresher, check out First Steps with WordPress, which walks you through everything you need to know. Additional helpful documentation can be found at at

Additional Resources

(bookmark these!)

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  • Join the Customify group on Facebook to ask theme-related questions: Customify WordPress Theme
  • Learn HTML & CSS free; improve your web design skills:
  • Develop an attractive color scheme for your website with this handy color tool:
  • These free handy placeholders let you fill a space before you have an image for it:
  • Get free, eye-catching stock images, backgrounds and vector graphics for your website:
  • Find premium, professional quality stock photographs for the lowest prices at:
  • Need icons or other free small graphic images? Check out
  • Improve your site’s visibility in search results with the free Yoast SEO plugin.
  • Add more powerful features to your website with free WordPress plugins:
  • Install Google Analytics to get stats on page visits, referring sites, user geography and more:

We hope you enjoy these resources and demo content. For optimal customer conversion and best search engine visibility, we recommend that you use this basic page structure for your home page. Just replace the text and images with your own. Before you do that though, check out the other sample pages and this post for more information.

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I couldn't believe it! These guys actually did what they said they would do!

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Hands down the best doohickey service ever. I'm totally impressed!

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