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Another Sample Post

classic design

Here’s yet another example of a post, but assigned a different combination of Categories and Tags: ‘Test’ and ‘example’.

Now let’s use the Shortcodes Ultimate plugin to easily add a responsive YouTube video to the page.

Even better, let’s set some additional videos to play after the first one (a playlist) by using the ‘YouTube Advanced’ shortcode.

How about a 3-video playlist about the Customify theme that’s currently installed on this site? Watch them to learn how the theme works.

To see how the shortcode is used, edit this post using the Text tab.

And just to fill out the page some more for testing purposes, we’ll use the Shortcodes Ultimate ‘Dummy Text’ shortcode to insert 3 paragraphs of text below. You’ll need to edit this post in the Text tab to see how the shortcode is used.

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